The Wedding

My mom and I were getting ready for the wedding.  We got in the car.  My uncle went with us.  We stopped to get Dunkin Donuts and lemonade.  Then we stopped at the church.  We did hair and makeup.  Then people started to arrive at the church.  The music started to play.  Everyone got in our places.  I was the flower girl!

It’s Okay

It’s okay to be creative.

It’s okay to be singing.

It’s okay to love reading.

It’s okay to love playing with stuffies.

It’s okay to love ice cream.

It’s okay to eat lots of kinds of foods.

It’s okay to love dogs.

It’s okay to sleep with stuffies.

It’s okay to like paint.

It’s okay to feel happy, happy, happy!

If I Were a 49er

I heard all the newspaper news that gold was found.  There were three main ways to get there to California.  One was on land, the next was on a boat, and you could go through Panama.

I got there.  I found gold.  I was cold.  I got dirty, but I did not give up.  I found gold!  Hooray!

I got lots of gold.  It was not just gold, but the hugest piece!

I went home after.

Ode to Chocolate

Ode to Chocolate

(a playful poem)


Oh, chocolate!

The taste of chocolate and the caramel is so sweet.

You are like maple syrup.


I just love you so much.

You are so tasty.

You melt in my mouth.

I just can’t get enough of you.

I love you, chocolate, so, so much.