Young Eagles Field Trip

Young Eagles Field Trip

I was so excited to go on the plane, but I was a little nervous.

When it was my turn to go on the plane, the wind came from the plane.  I felt like an eagle flying through the sky!  It was so fun, and I could see the trees and the Quechee Gorge below me.  I felt like a bird flying through the air.  Like I was a real eagle!

Next, I was landing on the ground.  I felt like a meteorite falling down and down until I hit the ground.  Then when I got out of the plane, I was excited to be a Young Eagle like my class.


The Brown Day and the Green Day

The Brown Day and the Green Day


The ground was brown,

And every day was brown.

A little green grass sprout just sprouted.

I had never seen one since spring last year.

Then I heard singing birds

And chirping crickets,

Frogs, bees, and wind.

Brown everywhere.


Now green is here!

The flowers are circling,

The trees are growing,

The riving is moving,

The pond is grooving.

The birds are singing,

The leaves are moving,

The wind is blowing,

The sprouts are blooming.

Hooray, hooray, hooray!

Green is here!


Now the brown is gone.

There is lots to see in the spring.

Rain is dripping,

People are dancing for joy.

They can hear the birds, frogs, rivers, pond, wings.

The green is growing!

Hooray for green.

No more brown  for now.